Driving Lessons

Lesson sstart at £21 per Hour.

We know that learning to drive is a massive undertaking. It's not only time consuming it can also be quite expensive. The way things are at the moment, if you don't pass your test you may have to wait a couple of months until a test slot becomes available. This equates to more time on the bus and maybe more time with a driving instructor plus the cost of another test.......which all adds up.

We want you to pass first time. Our reputation is our shop window - if you pass quickly and first time then you will hopefully recommend us to your friends and family. This won't happen if you are sat at the side of the road for half your lesson. Driving is a practical skill. To develope those skills you have to drive......and drive. With us you will drive...........

Choosing an instructor!
Why consider us for your training?
When picking an instructor you should make sure that:
  • They are fully qualified ADIs and not PDIs (look for the Green badge)
  • The are approved by the DSA and have acieved a grade 6, 5 or 4. (six is the best)
  • They don't drive an old jalopy.
  • They are Professional.
  • And most of all, you get on with them.
To find out which grade your instructor has achieved, ask them to show you their last grade report.
Learning to drive is important but remember, learning to drive the safe way is critical - choose wisely.

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