Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses

This is Very Important !!
Example: Some of our competitors could teach you to drive in Hull, East Yorkshire, then ask you to take your test in Glasgow. Is that fair?
Most experienced drivers would struggle to drive flawlessly around a strange city.
With us, after your intensive course you will take your driving test where you have learned to drive.

We worked with the MOD during the making of the TV Show "The World's Toughest Driving School". The soldiers were taught to drive using only intensive courses, experts we are!!

Be aware that Intensive courses are not for everyone. They are hard work and can be quite stressful but if you can persevere and handle the workload the rewards are obvious.

Choice 1. Intensive
Learn to drive within a couple of weeks of the year.
Choice 2. Hourly
Learn to drive for one hour of every week for over a year.

Quote from Her Majesty's Government - The Dept.. for Transport,
"With cheap weekly driving lessons It will take, on average, 14 months to learn to drive"

Residential Courses

Stay in a Bed and Breakfast by the sea in sunny Bridlington which, believe it or not, is a very popular place to learn to drive. This owes a lot to the layout of the town, speed limits and the way the roundabouts are placed, all very accommodating. We will pick you up at your B+B at 9 o'clock sharp and work until 12.00, 30mins for lunch and away we go again. Of course, as always, we will structure the training to suit you, but we will be assuming you are there to work. I must reiterate - intensive courses are not for everyone, do your research before you decide.